Write to be Counted

Write to be Counted

Sunday 22 October 2017

How to Buy Write to be Counted direct

A lot of people are asking how to buy a copy of the anthology direct from the publisher, rather than paying the full price (£8.50) on Amazon.  Prices are as follows:-

Contributors are entitled to one copy at cost price - £2.50p plus postage of £1.22 - Total £3.72p

Contributors are entitled to additional copies at a discount price of £5.00, pp £1.22 - Total £6.22

Postage for 2 copies is £1.58 within the UK
                   4 copies is £2.90 within the UK

Outside UK postage is £3.80 for one copy
                                 £5.15 for two copies
                                 ££5.80 for four copies

To buy, please go to PayPal - if you don't have an account, you can access it as a guest - and make a payment to  thebookmill@ferberjones.com

Then please email thebookmill@ferberjones.com with your order, your payment reference from PayPal, and the address you want the books mailed to.  They will then be dispatched second class post.

Buying the book direct gives more money to PEN International - all the profit over the printing cost of £2.50 goes to PEN, but through Amazon some of the money is paid to Amazon as a facilitator. 

Sunday 16 July 2017

We are launching the Anthology! Dates for your Diary.

We are launching! 

Dates in the diary now - Wednesday October 4th at the newly refurbished Poetry Cafe in London; 

and Saturday October 14th at the Old Fire Station in Penrith, Cumbria. 

We hope as many contributors as possible will come along to read and make each of these a great night! After that we have lots of offers from friends to help organise readings around the country - fantastic energy and we are so grateful for all the enthusiasm and offers to spread the news on all our work. 

If anyone would like to suggest possible venues for other launch events -  we're thinking of Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Bristol - please let us know, either in the comments box or by email to writetbcountedanthology@gmail.com

Details to follow and we are so looking forward to hearing you read your work. See you there!

Friday 7 July 2017

Choosing a book cover . . .

We're now in the final stages of editing and choosing how the book will look.  We've had several ideas for a cover and we're finding it difficult to choose.  We want something striking, but also an image that represents what the anthology is about.  Our book designer also wants an image that is good design!   These are the alternatives and there are pros and cons to all of them.  My favourite is the barbed wire, because if reminds me of amnesty, it's very simple and the coils of wire in the middle look rather like a hand clutching the wire.  My co-editors like some of the others.  What do you think?  We'd be delighted to hear.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Final Editing in Progress

We are now in the final stages of editing the anthology and it has been a joy to work on.  We have been overwhelmed by the response, so it has taken us longer than we expected because we didn't want to miss anything. Every poem has been read by all three of us at least 4 times!  Everyone who submitted will be hearing from us in the next few days.  If we have had to say 'no' this time, it's only because we had so many poems sent to us and the quality threshold is extremely high.

We're currently discussing the layout and hoping to hear from our cover designer soon - we'll bring you more news as soon as we have it.

Thank you again to all the poets who submitted and were willing to support this project.  Words matter!  As Nick Laird wrote recently in the Guardian 'Poetry is always a form of political intervention'.   To read poetry,' he went on, “is to return to a space for second thoughts, for complexity, for empathy, for words that are not defensive or aggressive or divisive or belittling, renews a faith in language and stillness, and a courage in the possibilities of protest, of “speaking truth to power”.” Poetry is an ‘ethical space.

Monday 6 February 2017

Write to be Counted

Resistance Anthology, working title:

Write to be Counted

We are a group of three poets who are deeply troubled by recent events across the globe in these times of political upheaval. Human rights feel under threat in so many ways. As writers, and motivated by compassion, we feel compelled to act. We propose to produce an anthology to allow us all to stand up and be counted: to express our outrage, to honour and nurture the values we believe in, to join the upswing of positive resistance to the assaults and threats to the creative and compassionate global community. Our focus is love not hate.

Our aim: to foster and support the maintenance of

  • ·         Human rights
  • ·         Women’s rights
  • ·         LGBT rights.
  • ·         Religious tolerance
  • ·         Refugee and Migrants’ rights
  • ·         Creative rights
  • ·         The right of independence of the investigative press
  • ·         The right of open speech and debate by citizens and the press.
  • ·         Connectivity and mutual support between writers across the globe.

Our remit?...We want this anthology to be full of poems which applaud the diversity of human life: that we are all very different but all equal; that we are all one great human race, needing to hold together, not pull apart. That we all deserve to be respected and to be heard.

As editors, we invite you to join us. Please send up to three poems for consideration if you would like to be a part of this endeavour. Submission details below. There is no charge for submitting and, as an editorial team, we will be selecting a range of poems to fulfil the criteria above and which will aim to reflect the diversity of our international poetry community. It will be designed, formatted and printed to the highest professional standards. Poems may have been previously published.  Copyright remains with the individual poets. As this is a charitable venture, we will not be sending out free copies (though we may offer a free e-book). You will be able to purchase print copies, or download an e-book – both at modest cost. We are taking no money from this project, and all profits after printing costs will go to PEN, the international writers’ charity, see http://www.pen-international.org.  

PEN aims to campaign to defend writers and readers around the world whose human right to freedom of expression is at risk.

Submission details:  Deadline: Midnight, Friday 10th March.

Please email up to THREE poems to writetbcountedanthology@gmail.com as a single Word document, each poem no more than 35 lines. (Longer poems may be considered by prior arrangement with the editors). 
Please use a plain font eg Times New Roman 12
Please include your name and email address on each page
Please give your postal address and a contact phone number in the email

We will read all submissions and respond to you as soon as possible. 

We do hope that you will join us - Write to be Counted.

Jacci Bulman                          Nicola Jackson                                  Kathleen Jones